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X-Men Movie RPG

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Important Admin note! [Sep. 10th, 2003|09:26 pm]
X-Men Movie RPG

All right. I've gotten the go ahead from just about everybody and we're going to be moving over to greatestjournal.com (It's changed from unlimitedrpg.com). As you get your new usernames over there, please comment here, telling me what they are. The usernames that I know of so far are:


Please add them all to your friends lists and I'll add you to xsomnia and xsomlogs. If it's not completely obvious, xsomlogs is where we'll be posting the role-playing logs from now on.

Old logs that are now on livejournal will be put on the xsomnia site which I'm in the process of creating. It was too much of a pain moving them onto the actual GJ xsomnia comm. Also, until I'm sure that GJ is stable, I'm going to be saving all posts, comments and logs to my hard drive, so no worries.

Don't post any new posts on your livejournal. Comments are okay, I see some of you are RPing through comments right now. I would like everyone to be moved over within 72 hours.

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Play Ball! [Sep. 7th, 2003|12:31 am]
X-Men Movie RPG

[mood |energeticenergetic]

Early Sunday afternoon, Alex heads out behind the mansion (where conveniently enough they have a softball field stashed. Really) to the field, and gets things "ready", he waits for the people who are coming to show up, divides them into teams (Jamie and his dupes with Pitor) verses everyone else who comes to play. He gives the assembled a run down of the rules, adding one at the end; this games is to be powers free.

With the exception of Jamie, who obviously is allowed to use his, since he’s making up the majority of one team. Everyone else is to be powers free.

And than (Alex is being the umpire guy) gives the orders to play ball.

((OCC: Yhea, don’t know anything about softball, ect. So you can comment if your character was there, if they did anything really cool, used their powers, wiped out ect. Afterwards – there is a little BBQ thing.))
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OOC: Admin again. [Sep. 3rd, 2003|09:30 pm]
X-Men Movie RPG

[mood |thoughtfulthoughtful]

All right. I've found this GREAT place for RPG journals. It's called UnlimitedRPG.com. The main reasons I've been interested is "Free, Unlimited Live Journal and search functionality: 1,000 user icons, 1,000 friends, 100 styles per user!"

Would anyone other than me be interested in moving xsomnia over to ultimaterpg.com? Please vote here. A simple comment with yes or no will suffice.

[edit] I'm currently checking out the site with two journals, one community and one character journal, to see how it works. So far, it's looking fine. You can check them out, if you'd like proof, at unlimitedrpg xsomnia and unlimitedrpg cyclops.
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Admin note. [Sep. 1st, 2003|10:54 pm]
X-Men Movie RPG

[mood |numbnumb]

Dear xsomnia players,

Due to the moderator's personal life and the fact that her semi-co-mod Amber has a computer which smokes when she tries to get online, please keep plots to personal stuff. The bigger plots will start later on [edit] more specifically, in a week[/edit], sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.

Until then, there is the little Rogue plot that Nat has cooking to keep some of you active.

Thanks for your understanding,
dilly r
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ooc. new player [Aug. 24th, 2003|11:41 pm]
X-Men Movie RPG

[mood |new]

Hello there everyone!

I'm Hedda and I've been graciously allowed to take over Remy, so I thought I'd just drop a quick post to let everyone know. You can find me on AIM at xThievery or in case you can't find me there, I'm almost always on XQueenFrost.

A bientot ;)

(ps. new avatar, yes. hope you don't mind!)
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Jamie Madrox! [Aug. 16th, 2003|08:37 am]
X-Men Movie RPG

Hey Folks! We have a new student! (Or we will when school starts on Monday.) So, go ahead a pop "multipleproblem" on your friends list. His bio is on his profile and he's meeting up with the teen gang in NYC. And yes, as if you have to guess...he's a troublemaker! :-)
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OOC: To anyone who isn't in the RPG and who is interested in joining. [Jul. 28th, 2003|03:43 am]
X-Men Movie RPG

[mood |calmcalm]

(([edit] Remy LeBeau a.k.a. Gambit (thewildcard) is looking for a new player as well.[/edit]

Warren Worthington III a.k.a. Angel (onsilentwings) is in search of a player. I'm looking for someone outside of the current list of players, because new blood is a good thing.

Also, there are other positions for those of you who don't have enough time for a long-term character or who are looking to prove themselves in a lesser role before taking on a large one. Check the information on Non-Player Characters on the user info page.

shiftingshape has chosen to leave the RPG, as she didn't feel she could contribue to the community as well as she would have liked. I am still waiting for answers from everyone but nevermorekid who has promised to improve her RPing habits.

Please refrain from posting to the xsomnia community for about a week or two. I'd like this post to stay on top for a while.))
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Go me... Or something. [Jul. 27th, 2003|03:36 pm]
X-Men Movie RPG

OK. A class schedule. Go me? Something like that anyway. There is a post to follow about X-Men training schedules.

Also... Rogue, Bobby, Pyro, Poe and Warren are all taking college classes part-time. They would take one, maybe two classes, as they do have classes back at Xavier's to worry about.

Here is the list of which PCs are taking which class, with the teachers in brackets. I still need to hear from Jubilee about what she is taking.

Creative Writing (Alison Blaire) - Piotr, Pietro, Wanda,
Driver's Ed (Hank McCoy) - Kitty, Pietro, Wanda,
English 1 (Ororo Munroe) - Wanda, Pietro, Angel,
English 3 (Charles Xavier) - Kitty, Piotr
International Affairs (Pete Wisdom) - Kitty
Intro to Computer Tech (Bobby Drake) - Kitty, Angel
Maths 1 (Jean Grey) - Wanda, Angel
Maths 3 (Scott Summers) - Piotr
Earth Science (Lorna Dane) - Pietro, Wanda, Piotr, Angel
Meditation (Rogue) - Everyone, students and teachers alike
Power Control (Varied) - Everyone who isn't teaching it. Here is who would be looking after who...

Xavier - Angel Salvadore, Warren, Betsy
Hank - Piotr, Pietro
Jean - Rogue, Wanda, Lorna
Scott - Remy, Pete
Ororo - Poe, Bobby
Ali - Jubilee, Siryn
Kurt - Kitty
Alex - Pyro

This is not definitive... the training would be mixed up a bit. And some of it would be run in the Danger Room, and some in other training-type rooms.

The timetableCollapse )
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Class stuff, in case you're forgotten about it... [Jul. 27th, 2003|12:35 pm]
X-Men Movie RPG

It starts on August 4th. Yes.

Everyone does 6 subjects a semester, four they chose and two compulsory - Meditation and Power Control. This is not really counted towards the diploma, but it really does have to be done.

So I need another class for Kitty to take, sweety. For everyone else I shall make it up.

Except... Jubilee and Siryn, you have yet to tell me about any classes. Go here for the post about classes.

Also... the only classes being taught this semester will be on the schedule, and not all of them will be being taught. Or something... but there are more people in the classes than just those being RP'd out. Yes.

I'll have the schedule to you sometime today, hopefully.
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IMPORTANT ADMIN POST [Jul. 26th, 2003|02:46 am]
X-Men Movie RPG

[mood |pensivepensive]

((In the interest of keeping this community active, I have a few warnings to issue. I hate doing this, but it's for the good of the RPG.

The following characters have not been active enough in the RPG and will need to improve their RPing habits or ask for their characters to be assigned new players.

First warnings:

Because this is your first warning, you have a week to contact me or you will be removed from the community.

Second warnings:

Because this is your second warning, you have three days to contact me or you will be removed from the community. There is no third warning.

Either comment to this post or e-mail me at dilificus@hotmail.com. I don't need excuses, just results. If you say that you will improve your RPing habits, tell me that. If you are unable to, but will be able to in the near future, tell me that. If you can't improve, it would be best to step down and perhaps join a less active RPG.

If I don't have answers from those with first warnings by August 2nd and those with third warnings by July 29th, I'll have to remove you from the community.

I'd like to mention also that if you feel that you would like to have your character involved in more plot lines, contact me. I can't involve your character in the major plot lines if I don't know you're interested or that you have time.

Thanks! Sorry again that I had to make this unpleasant post.))
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