Ali Blaire (dazzle_me) wrote in xsomnia,
Ali Blaire

Class stuff, in case you're forgotten about it...

It starts on August 4th. Yes.

Everyone does 6 subjects a semester, four they chose and two compulsory - Meditation and Power Control. This is not really counted towards the diploma, but it really does have to be done.

So I need another class for Kitty to take, sweety. For everyone else I shall make it up.

Except... Jubilee and Siryn, you have yet to tell me about any classes. Go here for the post about classes.

Also... the only classes being taught this semester will be on the schedule, and not all of them will be being taught. Or something... but there are more people in the classes than just those being RP'd out. Yes.

I'll have the schedule to you sometime today, hopefully.
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