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Ali Blaire

Go me... Or something.

OK. A class schedule. Go me? Something like that anyway. There is a post to follow about X-Men training schedules.

Also... Rogue, Bobby, Pyro, Poe and Warren are all taking college classes part-time. They would take one, maybe two classes, as they do have classes back at Xavier's to worry about.

Here is the list of which PCs are taking which class, with the teachers in brackets. I still need to hear from Jubilee about what she is taking.

Creative Writing (Alison Blaire) - Piotr, Pietro, Wanda,
Driver's Ed (Hank McCoy) - Kitty, Pietro, Wanda,
English 1 (Ororo Munroe) - Wanda, Pietro, Angel,
English 3 (Charles Xavier) - Kitty, Piotr
International Affairs (Pete Wisdom) - Kitty
Intro to Computer Tech (Bobby Drake) - Kitty, Angel
Maths 1 (Jean Grey) - Wanda, Angel
Maths 3 (Scott Summers) - Piotr
Earth Science (Lorna Dane) - Pietro, Wanda, Piotr, Angel
Meditation (Rogue) - Everyone, students and teachers alike
Power Control (Varied) - Everyone who isn't teaching it. Here is who would be looking after who...

Xavier - Angel Salvadore, Warren, Betsy
Hank - Piotr, Pietro
Jean - Rogue, Wanda, Lorna
Scott - Remy, Pete
Ororo - Poe, Bobby
Ali - Jubilee, Siryn
Kurt - Kitty
Alex - Pyro

This is not definitive... the training would be mixed up a bit. And some of it would be run in the Danger Room, and some in other training-type rooms.

  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
9am Driver's Ed Comp Tech Meditation Comp Tech Comp Tech
9.50am Maths Driver's Ed IA / ES Comp Tech Power Control
10.40am ES / IA English Driver's Ed English Power Control
11.30am Recess Recess Recess Recess Recess
12pm English IA / ES English Driver's Ed Maths
12.50pm English IA / ES CW Driver's Ed Maths
1.40pm Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch
2.20pm Power Control Maths Comp Tech CW IA / ES
3.10pm Power Control CW Maths CW CW
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((EEk! Jubes' player forgot and then was on vacation. She shall post very very very soon!!!))
Here are Jube's classes.

*Creative Writing
*Driver's Ed (but only to get the actual license.. she knows how to drive from her pre-Xaver days)
*International Affairs (because there's a new babe of a teacher doing it)
*Maths 1 (she hates Math)

Also, whatever classes Poe may have, she'll be there...
That good?
Betsy has decided to supliment an education along with her physical training.

She will be taking: Creative writing, International affairs, Comp tech, and of course, meditation and power control. Just to let everyone know.