September 7th, 2003


Play Ball!

Early Sunday afternoon, Alex heads out behind the mansion (where conveniently enough they have a softball field stashed. Really) to the field, and gets things "ready", he waits for the people who are coming to show up, divides them into teams (Jamie and his dupes with Pitor) verses everyone else who comes to play. He gives the assembled a run down of the rules, adding one at the end; this games is to be powers free.

With the exception of Jamie, who obviously is allowed to use his, since he’s making up the majority of one team. Everyone else is to be powers free.

And than (Alex is being the umpire guy) gives the orders to play ball.

((OCC: Yhea, don’t know anything about softball, ect. So you can comment if your character was there, if they did anything really cool, used their powers, wiped out ect. Afterwards – there is a little BBQ thing.))
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