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X-Men Movie RPG

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Another OOC note... [Jul. 23rd, 2003|01:57 am]
X-Men Movie RPG

[mood |amusedamused]

Because you asked for it...

xgossip now has a brother community, xgents

Go join. You wanted it.
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OOC NOTE [Jul. 22nd, 2003|04:30 am]
X-Men Movie RPG

[mood |amusedamused]

Because we are dags.

The very cool ifkatisays and I have this funky new community called xgossip.

It's for the female X-Men characters to get together and gossip about anything they want. Anything that is said or done is -not- considered part of the rp at all (particularly that conversation between three Dazzlers, one Jean and a Rogue), but is a lot of fun anyway.

The girls should join. Yes.
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OOC note: [Jul. 21st, 2003|02:54 pm]
X-Men Movie RPG

This is the last call for stuff about Rogue's birthday... if you don't let me know what your characters get up to, I will make them stip naked and run through Salem Center. Don't try me on this one...
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IMPORTANT: OOC ADMIN NOTE [Jul. 20th, 2003|06:40 am]
X-Men Movie RPG

((Just your friendly neighborhood moderator stopping in to inform you of a few things. :)

The main cause, which will lead to the minor causes, for this post is to say that soon after I return from another little vacation I'm going on, there is going to be a lot going on at
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((Just your friendly neighborhood moderator stopping in to inform you of a few things. :)

The main cause, which will lead to the minor causes, for this post is to say that soon after I return from another little vacation I'm going on, there is going to be a lot going on at <lj-comm="xsomnia">. What I want to know is <b>how involved would you like your character to be</b> in mission type events.

Now, to be active in mission events, I'm going to need players that I can trust to be willing to schedule online time, possibly late at night or early in the morning depending on what time everyone can agree on. We have people in the RP from all over, from all kinds of time zones and with all kinds of schedules, so if you want to be involved in these group RPs, you're going to have to be as flexible as your life allows.

If you're too busy for this sort of thing or your schedule too rigid, that's fine. I'm just going to need you to be active in relationship/friendship types of RPs. This kind of RPing is one-on-one and generally less scheduling is needed to pull it off.

I want to get everyone involved in the future plot lines, but I need your help to do that! I don't want to have to scrap my plans every time I find out someone doesn't have time to be involved in them.

Another plan I'm going to soon be instituting is allowing people who are not already part of the RPG to join as NPCs or non-player-characters. These will generally be antagonists that our characters face. If any of you would be interested in an NPC part, tell me and I'll assign you one when one is needed. If you have any friends who have expressed interest in xsomnia, but can't join because we no longer have open characters, tell them about this NPC thing and have them contact me if interested.

All right, I'm tired of hearing myself type. Feel free to leave questions and comments.))
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VIDEO NIGHT [Jul. 20th, 2003|12:07 am]
X-Men Movie RPG

[mood |cheerfulcheerful]

Friday night was video night, and as plotted, we have Almost Famous, Sleepy Hollow and Edward Scissorhands.

Rogue does not appreciate any references to the resemblance between her and Polexia.
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(no subject) [Jul. 17th, 2003|03:14 pm]
X-Men Movie RPG

To Drs. Grey and McCoy, Professor Munroe, and Other Such Authority Figures:

I'm gonna be taking off for a week or so, starting tomorrow. I'll be heading back home to see the friends, check in with the folks, hopefully find a crabcake that doesn't taste like shit...y'know, all that good stuff.

Gonna be taking the black car. Yes, I'll take good care of it. And yes, I'll call every few days, Mom.

See ya when I get back.

((OOC: I'm going out of town and probably won't be able to get online for more than five minutes a day - if at all - until next Wednesday or Thursday. Have fun! Don't break anything! *waves*))
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OOC: My head is about to explode... [Jul. 17th, 2003|02:10 pm]
X-Men Movie RPG

[mood |weirdweird]
[music |Amiel - Lovesong]

I think I'm obsessive/compulsive.

I've been thinking about Rogue's birthday, and here's the deal.

There is no way in hell we will ever get 13 characters in the one chat, unless it's by accident. So...

Ali, Polaris, Bobby, Logan, Remy, Jean, Hank, Storm, Alex, Pete, John and Betsy, and anyoone else over 21 I've missed is invited on the pub crawl. They will be going out on the night of the 25th of July. And there's that BBQ before hand.

Either leave me a comment, or talk to me over AIM... tell me what your character gets up to, and if there are any imporant conversations/arguments/whatever your characters have with someone, organise it with the other player - write it up, RP it out, whatever. Then pass it on to me, and there will be this massive "Rogue's party" posted sometime on the 255th-26th. I'm going to start working on it now, so let me know when you've figured it out.

Can you tell I have too much time on my hands? *snorts* I'm kinda looking forward to classes starting again, which they will on the 28th. I do NOT want to still be working on this then, by the way.
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OOC Question... [Jul. 16th, 2003|12:05 am]
X-Men Movie RPG

[mood |curiouscurious]

What do you think the likelihood of being able to collect a group of people to RP out Rogue's birthday? I was thinking more the part where she's dragged out drinking, because everyone is invited to the BBQ, and no one would be allowed to miss it (Ali is a drill sergant). And there are less people to organise the drinking part.

Let me know what you think.
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INVITATION [Jul. 11th, 2003|01:43 am]
X-Men Movie RPG

[mood |pleasedpleased]
[music |Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friend - Nicole Kidma]

Party time, ladies and gentlemen.

Rogue's turning 21, so on the 26th of July there will be a party. We're starting off on campus, with a BBQ by the pool, then those of us who are old enough, and are inclined that way, will be taking the celebrations off campus to celebrate her new-found majority-ness.

PLease also ignore her vehement protests against presents. She is being silly, and there is nothing more she would like than oodles of presents.
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OCC: Trip [Jul. 5th, 2003|06:53 pm]
X-Men Movie RPG

[mood |busy]

((I’m going away on a vacation, I’m leaving early Sunday morning and will be back sometime Thursday. I’m so well organized, can’t you tell? Anyways, I will have e-mail / LJ access [in theory at least], but I’m not sure about AOL IM access ..

So I seem to drop off the face of the earth, it’s because I’m away visiting – just assume Kitty’s hanging around doing stuff, and Alex is probably sulking somewhere.))
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